(the) thing is this -you better listen, kid

i'm kinda pissed you came in fuckin' up my scene

an old dog knows every motherfuckin' trick

so there is nothing you could teach me

(the) thing is this -you better listen well

cause you're about to buy a ticket to hell

the boys are here. we're standin' in our place

you better leave now before we smash your face


time to rock (hell yeah)

you really should just beat it cause you don't belong

hit the road (just go)

don't stick around for too long cause man you ain't home

time to rock (hell yeah)

i'm about to go pimp on you and slap you like a whore

hit the road

don't push your luck you little piece o' shit -you gonna hit the floor


(the) thing is this -you better listen, buddy

don't try to rock. just keep on rolling

cause i'm not in the mood to get muddy

get off my face before this gets bloody

(the) thing is this -you better listen well

my fists is bullets. my gloves be shells

just keep on walking don't get in my way

cause if you do this place will be your grave


time to rock (hell yeah)



i'm a graduate from Hell Wild U.

dude this is my show -who the fuck invited you?

you better get it. you better stand-down

cause this whole damn world is only my playground


time to rock (hell yeah)...

don't fuckin' make me fuckin' fuck you up you fuckin' little fuck


hell yeah!  



nice big full moon tonight -you know what it means

it's just the damn right time for me

i'm gonna rock the night away wild n' free

get freakin' wasted n' be obscene

warp speed ain't fast enough

blindfolded driving as i go down the road

i want it all and even more

cause i just can't get enough of


booze, babes, rock n' roll

gimme some

booze, babes, rock n' roll

and then some more

booze, babes, rock n' roll


licking so hard the razor's edge hurts the tongue

(but) it doesn't seem to high a price to me

cause my dark mamma watches over her kid

so he can o.d. on liberty

you go live nice, healthy n' slow

but don't dare thinking i'll be coming along (no way dude)

cause i don't give a fuck about growing old

n' i just can't get enough of


booze, babes, rock n' roll




hey yeah -i'm on my way

blood boiling as burnin' fuel through my veins

engine running like heartbeats at deadly rate

gotta go far -as far as the star king burns

freedom junkie -just need to get myself on the road

ground shaking -hell breaks loose

rolling thunder -free as the dead

gas burning -the beast (of) steel roars

open highway -ready, set, go! hell yeah!

hey yeah -i'm on my wayi

I'm on my way!

i'm gone, baby -i'm on my way

while on the way i'm gonna be ok

i'm on my way





you scumbag -cattle yells- you better grow up, grow stiff, grow damn blind


your wild-goose-chasing dreams and sell your soul like -like we all to the man


you sheep i'm not like you i have a heart n' soul. i own my mind


come try n' chain me down -there is no way you gonna hold me back

you... try... and... make me

i won't bleed

my will is made of metal

i won't bleed

come try n' tear me down

i won't bleed

(i'd) burn down heaven if i had to

i won't bleed

like a rock i stand my ground


don't go 'round shouting battlecries if you won't stand your ground -they say


that bullshit attitude n' bow your head cause you will anyway


you ghosts of used-to-bes you will not ever quench my rebel yell


you better bring your guns cause you will only beat me when i'm dead

you... try... and... make me

i won't bleed


i won't bleed...

<you expect me to live on my knees like you do but i won't

i will not back away from my beliefs and pretend i'm just like you cause i am not

i don't know n' i don't care if this message is being at all understood

but be warned... my will won't be broken by you... ever>

i won't bleed



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